Water submeters are freezing and breaking

Hi folks, anyone else had this problem and come up with solution/hack?

Thanks so much!

Here at ABT we have a sure fire method to protect these water meter from freezing even in the harshest of climates. We have over 24+ years of experience installing and protecting sub-meters. This is actually the very reason is why we’ve entered the industry. Our methodology enables meters to withstand climates of up -40 degrees, and we also supply parts needed to repair damaged your meters.

For Example: Right before the cold season, we did a project for a 200 site community in Mandan/Bismarck, ND.
We are yet to hear any word of a single freeze up.

I think we would be able to help you out here.
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ABT Water Management
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Visit our website: http://abtwater.com/water-meter-installation/

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Hi HighPlainsDrifter,

There are some good thread talking about this issue, here is one of the responses I read the other day.
"I just started installing meters myself and we are simply building boxes and using heat tape and meter jackets. Cheapest option I found by far after much searching and about 7-8 quotes was Neptune meters through Gunners with a remote read out."
Hope it helps.

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Make sure they have foam jackets and heat tape through them. If they freeze and break bill the tenants for the meter, its their responsibility to keep them warm.

Here is another alternative. Move to a RUBS system if you are in a cold weather area - that is if your area allows for that. Our headaches have subsided when moving to this system. Tenants may complain but they will almost always find something to gripe about (I sound like Frank). We also do not have to deal with issues of ‘tampering’ with units which almost always happens. Hard to pin a tenant as the root of meter damage, even though a readout line we clearly cut. Or when the meter happens to get reset.

I’d love to hear from Gabe how they protect in -40 deg weather though. I have never seen a foolproof method in a MHP world.

The Spectrum 30D (our flagship product) is single-element, composite
(reinforced plastic) meter which utilizes the innov8 electronic register.

The Register has no moving parts its all electronic, so little to no maintenance is needed and you don’t have to worry about the gears going out.
The freeze plate in the meter doesn’t crack like most residential meters, but instead it pops, making it only $12 to replace if it were to freeze.

And of course we insulate with r3 insulation and a meter jacket , Easyheat for lines over 50 feet or frostex heat tape with gfi (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) for lines under 50 feet.

Protecting against freeze ups is actually how We got our start in the business 24 years ago.

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