Water Submeter Permit

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Do you know if the permit is required to submetering water for Mobile Home Park in California? Escalon city in particular.

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Sub-metering does not require a permit, however the installation of the meters does call for a permit by HCD. It is important to issue the residents proper notification of the sub-metering charges pursuant to the MRL.

Hi Shath,
Thank you for your respond. I really appreciated it.
Do you know how much the permit cost?
I have 12 meters to install for my water submetering project.


You should check with the county to make sure you can submeter and bill back. Some counties don’t allow it.

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It should only be one inspection, which would be $196.

The requirements vary on the jurisdiction. Each city is different. I would call who ever you pay the water bill to and ask.

From my experience, some places don’t care about the work done after their meter if its on private property. Always safe to make that call though.

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Hi GabeADT,
Thank you for you very useful advise. I will check with my water supply provider.


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You will also have an annual permit fee per meter and be required to have the meter tested for accuracy (I believe every 10 years. They may also want you to get a distribution license. If on your own well for sure.