Water Submeter Install Techniques - Under or Outside of Skirting?

Question on water submeter installs: We have galvanized metal water risers at our park in Tucson, and are looking for the best way to install submeters in our situation. Would love advice from those who have installed in hot weather climates in a tenant-owned home park with older risers. A few other considerations:

  • We are wary of the galvanized metal cracking when we cut into it, but believe we have a crimping tool where we would cut & crimp and install a new ball valve. We could also install PVC/PEX after the crimp as far as needed pretty easily.
  • We’ve used plastic Metron meters at our other park and really like the technology but are wondering if they’ll hold up to the heat. They also need to be installed horizontally which may be tough in this case.
  • We’re reluctant to start opening skirting on tenant-owned homes to install the meters, however it would be good to have the meters protected from the sun and from vandalism. We also need a place to install a hose bib after the meter to account for hose usage.

AZ sun would definitely take its toll on a composite Metron housing. Just inside skirting seems logical.

Some meters can be installed vertically. Check with the manufacture.
You shouldn’t have rust at the gate valve (brass with galvanized won’t rust), just make sure you support the pipe below the valve before twisting, as you may break something below ground.
I would turn off water to park or a section of the park. Disconnect the union, the flex line, or cut the nipple between the valve and the tee. Next, try to remove the old gate valve and replace with a ball valve. Install the meter and then a tee. At the tee install a hose bibb and other side goes to the mobile. At the mobile you will find each space will be different, I doubt every mobile will be hooked up the same way.
I wouldn’t go under the tenant’s mobile. You don’t know what mess of plumbing you could find. Do everything exterior.

Good Luck

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I’ve only found one company online that says they can install their water meters horizontally


it looks like you can even install it underground image

i agree with CAmhp that you really dont want to go under their place; it’s gonna to be a gong show.

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I would venture to say 90+% of meters across the country are not sitting out in the open for the neighbor kid to pound on.

We install Metron meters under the tenant’s home. That protects them from the weather, vandalism, and the lawnmower. I could not imagine having the meter be exposed anywhere other than under the home.


Under home way better. Or you will have problems. Guarantee.

So far we’ve had no issues with direct sun hitting the meters in AZ or Nevada. :slight_smile:
However we always recommend under the home for out of site out of mind to avoid tampering.

Bill B.

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haha, that’s true. having the meters out of sight is your best bet, but sometimes you have to make do with what you got.