Water Submeter Install Crew/Plumber Referrals

Does anyone have a referral for a good plumbing outfit which has had experience doing water submeter installations in the Rocky Mountain/New Mexico area? We likely have the meter supplier selected but have had a tough time finding a plumber with previous experience in mobile home submeter installs. I’m finding that the suggestion of “just call a local plumber” doesn’t really fly here, as the deeper you get into the planning of the install the more complex you find out it really is, and the more variation on approaches and on pricing you see suggested (Ex. install under skirting vs a meter box underground vs an above ground insulated meter box, etc.)

Not trying to over complicate anything but we want this job done right, and I’d prefer to go with someone who already has a few successful installs under their belt.

The current crew that Metron uses is excellent. They are subs for Metron, so you might be able to get them to do your install. PM me if you want a point of contact.

I had the Metron meters installed by a medium size company that sold AND installed if desired. Three workers, one was a pro, other 2 amateurs trying to install as instructed. Most were installed correctly but a handful were not. One backward, one not reading and several were not wrapped correctly with the heat tape because it was to short after ‘cutting in’ the meter. After seeing them installed there is really nothing specialized on the install just need a plumber who cares about his work and doesnt want to gouge you on the cost. Thats difficult anywhere. If they are remote read then knowledge of the transmitting equipment and antenna would be needed also, but again not impossible for a modern day plumber.

Selecting the right meter is more important than who is installing the meters:

  1. Will the meters be horizontal or vertical;
  2. Is freezing a concern;
  3. Are you going to read manually, touch pads, or radio frequency interrogation;
  4. Who is providing the billing service and / or will your meters be compatible to other R/B/C companies.

Considering the installation, most plumbers are only familiar with the strict municipality codes regarding installing a “municipal meter”, costing sometimes upwards in $1000’s which have little to do with sub-metering, which are more typical @ $100 to $200 labor.

“We’re here to answer your sub-metering questions”

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