Water/Sewer/Gas Hookups

Just curious if $940 is a fair price for a plumber to hook up water/sewer/gas on a mobile home?? Appreciate the help! Thanks!

Yes, that is fair.

We’ve paid between $250 and $700 for water/sewer, and gas is generally around $450. Prices will vary with how much of the pipes you’ve brought along with the home. New homes do not come with pipe, but used homes will because they were connected where you bought them. Electric wiring is especially expensive, so I always tell my crew to snip the electric wiring and pipes as close to the hookups as possible so we bring as much of that with us as we can. Then there is still the variability of where the hookups are on your lot and if/how much new material is needed to connect the home in your park.

Onward, upward,