Water/sewer bills for NM park

Hi guys,
The water/sewer bills for Jan-Apr 2021, for a 25 unit park that I have under contract, are as below

  1. Jan 2021: Water: 176,540 gallons, Sewer: 158,886 gallons. Monthly bill: $1,019.09
  2. Feb 2021: Water: 110,712 gallons, Sewer: 99,642 gallons. Monthly bill: $789.47
  3. Mar 2021: Water: 203,470 gallons, Sewer: 183,123 gallons. Monthly bill: $1,113,02
  4. Apr 2021: Water: 170,556 gallons, Sewer: 153,500 gallons. Monthly bill: $998.21

Is this normal? How many water/sewer gallons should an average 4-member family consume every month?



Thats alot of gals per month for 25 units! Luckily the dollar cost looks low. 2200-2400 gals per couple per month not uncommon. Always a ton of waste if not metered and billed.

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Water and Sewer Bills:

Nation wide, average water consumption is 1500 to 2000 gallons per occupant per month.
After sub metering the average is closer to 1200 to 1500 gallons per occupant per month.

Your recent water bill reflects 4 to 5 occupants per home, or more likely water leaks (i.e. Toilets)

“We’re here to answer your sub-metering questions”

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Thanks for the response Dan! Do you operate in NM? Please feel free to reach out to me at iyer_satish_r@yahoo.com. My phones are 402-440-6606 or 614-578-1277


Thanks for the response Jay!