Water readings just didn't make sense. How much money are you dumping in the ground?

How many people are Averaging water bills due to old inefficient equipment?
or simply no one to read equipment or pay attention to it?

How much money are you really dumping down the drain or just letting go unaccounted for?

I just took over the water billing for a small community out in Michigan on city water and sewer.
The prior billing company I assume, were averaging the readings for the tenants for the last couple months.

Once we took over and got the first months readings we were concerned at what we seeing.

Here is an example of Junes readings Vs Julys readings:

June is when we took over the readings and they began being read the right way.

As you see here some people would receive credits others would receive outrageous water bills.
Who knows how long this has been going on…

Going forward with these bills would cause huge uproar amongst tenants.
Our clients main concern was maintaining a positive tenant/landlord relationship
I Cant think of one person who wants to deal with an angry tenant over water reads.

We Worked hard and communicated with the park manager vigorously on ways to fix this and and things to look for and got finally got the readings for the next month, July, In order

After seeing the most recent readings we decided to Count June as a loss as a result of the reads being so inaccurate, and move forward with the readings from July for billing the tenants.

I’m sharing this because we work hard to offset your variable utility expense and in turn create and extra revenue stream for your community.
While providing an equitable solution for tenants being billed

We have people come to us with $20,000+ monthly water bills desperate for solutions, because of long time negligence and inefficient systems they have in place.

The one thing we always mention to a client in this situation is to consider automating the System in the current infrastructure.

Gain a more proactive advantage on those variable expenses.

When you automate your readings,
We provide a daily report available to the owners, managers, and tenants so that potential threats can be nipped before they are hundreds of dollars in costs.

We also work hard to maintain a good relationship with the tenants by providing transparent analysis and so everyone is held accountable for what they are actually using and resolving any issues found RIGHT AWAY to save everyone more money and in tern, create better environment for the community.

Has anyone else enjoyed the proactive benefits of Automated readings??

Is anyone dealing with issues like this community I described ??

I love to hear some stories.