Water meters

hi all, I want to meter the water at my upstate NY park this spring- I am currently researching various meters with remote readers that I would attach to outside of home skirting- Can anyone offer advise, meter brand suggestions , where to buy, etc- thanks

There’s a seller on the products listing on this site who sells the meters. When I was working for a provider they would almost exclusvely sell Master Meters as they had remote reading options. Basically they’re all interchangeable you just have to figure out what kind of system suits you and the park. For example there’s wireless meters (readings can be downloaded from afar), pulse meters (a device that allows a reader to walk a park and get them on site), or just manual meters (omeone has to physically walk up to every meter and read the it and jot it down). Location is also important, certain states/municipalities require the meter to be somewhere where a tenant can easily read it while some states say you can put it wherever. There’s also weather, meters will generally need some sort of sleeve if they are located in deep freeze parts of the country.

For install feel free to email me at jsheedy@econosmartllc.com or PM me and I can send you the names of a couple providers who can walk you through the process. The absolute cheapest way though is buying the meters yourself and having a plumber put them in but with that comes some other headaches.

If you click under ‘resources’ on this website you’ll find many helpful links - including to [http://www.gunnersmeters.com/index-gunners.htm].

But ask your State’s Manufactured Housing Association for which water meter installers they recommend.

We use the Minomess 130. Your mileage may vary.

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Our parks are in Upstate New York as well. We buy our meters through Blair supply. Our meters have a sensor on the home, then to read the meter we have a remote control you touch to the sensor. Our parks are all in the Rochester area