Water meter models

I know this topic has been discussed before, but it’s been a while and wanted to get an update.

What water meters does everyone use, and how do you like them? I’m in a cold climate, so something that doesn’t freeze too easily is always a plus.

Additional question, are their any that allow for remote meter reads via a smartphone if someone was to walk the park?

We are a water submetering company out of beloit wisconsin on our 24th year of servicing the industry and I can tell you without a bias opinion that the spectrum 30 d from metron farnier is the best meter on the market. In our 4 years of selling this meter we have yet to see any major issues with this meter.

These meters come with a 20 year warranty and if the meters do freeze it has a freeze plate that just pops up and is replaceable. Its approx. a $11.00 fix.

Not to mention most meter companies are still using brass bodies on the meters and ever since the laws in 2014 changed on lead free brass we’ve seen less brass being casted on meter bodies, causing not only the freeze plate on these meters to give out but the actual meter BODY. Meaning a replacement of the whole meter itself.

The Metron meter also is a smart meter which reads itself 2x a day and detects leaks throughout the whole home, tampering of the meter, and non advancing meters, and notifies you via our daily reports so you can tackle potential water issues before they are an issue.

Reads 1/32 of the gallon increasing your low flow accuracy and has a wireless electronic register meaning no gears that go out over time. persistent accuracy throughout the life of the meter.

Most meter companies provide the meter and if you need a radio transmitter you have to go through an entirely different company and deal with a different warranty as well.

The metron meter uses the innov8 register which is also a metron based electronic register, meaning you deal with one company and the warranty is the same across the board.

We haven’t had one person come back and say “they wish they never went with this meter” in the 4 years of us selling it

If you do look at other meters please consider the warranty. remember that these meter are something you will have to live with for the next 15-20 years.

Gabriel Elendu
800.697.9096 ext 14

Thanks Gabe, what’s the cost of the meter?

205 for the meters

385 will get you fully installed.
(covers travel, labor, meter , insulation, Etc)