Water Meter Info / Services?

Hi Everybody, Looks like I need to install some water meters for individual lots within my MHP. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding installing water meters, what types to use, and/or complete water meter services (that install, read, and bill). HELP please… Thanks - james

Refer to the Resources section for a billing company claudia@Edisonutilities.com. My cost to install meters and underground boxes was $12 box, $35 meter and $24-$35 for the labor. I did none of the work except order the materials. The costs will vary depending on condition of the water supply to your homes now and you can choose from a variety different quality meters

As always, thanks Rick you rock. I’ll check em out- james

Hi Rick, all, looking into this in more detail, it looks like there are a few options for water meter hookups:

  1. basically install manual or wireless ones and do the readings/billings yourself.

  2. sign up a full service company who installs, reads, and bills directly to your tenants.

Does anyone have a strong opinion regarding these options and which ones work the best. The previous owner hired “Guardian” to install and bill tenants but there were many issues with the billing process so they discontinued. thanks again -james

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