Water Meter Company Preferences -Poll

Water meter companies change technology over time and I would like to query the crowd as to what company they prefer, specifically for the Midwest climate. I need to Submeter a 100 lot community I just acquired.

The primary concerns are accuracy, reliability, customer support, billing service to tenant, and ease of installation. Obviously without properly wrapped heat tape and insulation any meter will fail in a freeze.

I’m leaning toward Metron but have read multiple negative reviews on the forum ( I know they now have a freeze plate).

I have the Metrons and they’re just ok. The freeze plates have been around for over 5 yrs and we have to replace 4-5 per winter. If heat tape is not wrapped around the base correctly they freeze, foam box does very little. Hard freeze will crack the housings and the plate. When a tenants cousin replaces the heat tape watch out. Are you thinking of internet or cellular reads? I see they also have one with a heat sensor you tape on the pipe. Tells you its about to freeze when tenant has no money to replace it.[till it does] You’ll get the spam soon on here for at least 3 companies and will ask you to call them. They will have all the latest info. My system has had several issues with the modem. The other weak link with mine are the register retaining ring on top is thin plastic and really only holds down one side, not to be over tightened for sure. Good Luck!

Thanks Jay. Yes, I would opt for the cellular reads but you have voiced some of the same concern as others with Metron. I thought the product would be better designed for as long as they have been around.

I’ll give a shoutout to Spectrum Submetering, https://spectrumsubmetering.com. Their contact’s phone number is 602-274-1030.

They just recently helped us submeter water at a MHP in western NC. They supplied us with Master Meter equipment along with wireless transmitters. Essentially the meters report readings to a central gateway in the park once per month and Spectrum Submetering mails reference invoices to all of the residents and creates the corresponding transaction in our Rent Manager instance.

The pricing was quite reasonable and they had their own team of installers that completed the work under the homes.

Happy to provide additional information if you’re interested.

i’ve been looking around and Truety seems to be a new contender, https://www.truety.com/. they’ve got wireless outdoor rated meters that sound like they match what you need. i’m waiting to hear back from their sales guy but could be a good option.

We just installed Assured Automation D10 vertically rated meters with a Next Century wireless transponder and cellular gateway. Seems to be stronger than the plastic meters, but we have not been through a whole winter yet. You can buy them from www.flows.com.

We’ve been sub-metering MHPs for over 25 years, let me know if I can help you.
“We’re here to answer your sub-metering questions”

I bought Neptune meters off of ebay. The seller was a municipality switching over to electronic meters.We were in oklahoma. During that big freeze in 2020 water lines for homes froze, but never had any meters freeze. They were in 3 foot pots/wells. Our park was only 50 units so it was a chance to go, physically read meters and eyeball things at homes. I set up a really great spreadsheet for billing that would calculate usage at each unit, calculate the bill charges to import into our rent billing, and also do a usage comparison. It was very helpful in letting us know if any one our rv lots or any of the tenant owned mobile homes had leaks.

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Hello, my name is Cameron Del Valle and I am national sales rep for QMC Submeter Solutions. With over twenty years of experience in the meter industry, we decided it was time to overcome industry challenges and partner with GWF and release North America’s first fully encoded utility grade brass submeter and reading system called Truety. Our Truety system is the first of its kind, Truety was designed and created to overcome significant gaps in quality, longevity and functionality within the submetering marketplace. Each meter is made in Switzerland, using a utility grade brass material, outdoor pit rated, and fully submersible, perfect for outdoor or indoor application. Our Meterconnex service makes it possible to directly integrated with your preferred property management or billing software or simply take it to your preferred billing company and let them handle the billing. I would be happy to schedule a phone call and discuss our product and go over your property in more detail, please do not hesitate to message me or email cameron@qmeters.com.