Water line responsibility

In a sub metered park that the residents are billed directly by the city, who would be responsible for a leak between the water meter and the connection to the home?

All of the homes in our park are individually owned by our tenants. In our park, we have a city owned main water line that runs parallel to our park’s road. The line connections from the main line to each lot’s meter is owned and maintained by the city. From the meter to the homes is the responsibility of either the property owner or the home owner.

When I originally purchased the property, the owner maintained the water lines from the meter to the connection. The home owner was responsible for maintaining from the connection to and throughout their home. After numerous breaks in the lines from tenants or their contractors, or home movers breaking our connections, I decided to change the language in our lease which says that we provide water connection at the shutoff valve to the meter. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to install and maintain service to their home from that point.

We have no other underground utilities between the water meter and their home so I am not concerned with the disturbance of any other services.

From the cities prospective the tenant or park owner. Usually the tenant but it depends on your park rules.