Water and sewer bill back to the tenants, Minnesota

We have a park under contract in Minnesota.

In the past, the owners of the park used to pay the water and sewer.

When we take over the park, we want to pass on that expense to the tenants.

How long notice (if any) do we have to give he tenants before we can bill back the water and sewer charges to them?

Thank you.

I’m also closing on a deal in MN soon. If you read MN statute this would constitute a “rule change”. I haven’t consulted with an attorney but am going to go with 60 days (same timing for rent hike) to be safe.

@mhp, thanks! I also think it is 60 days. Good luck with your deal.

“The park must give residents 60 days written notice of any rent increase. The park cannot increase the rent more than twice in 12 months.”

are you already metered ?

@GabeABT, yes, the park is metered.


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