Water and Electric Meters (who manages/owns?)

I am new to the web site and to mobile home parks for that matter, but am hoping to own one someday soon. I had a general question about who takes care of the meter boxes(service panels) on each lot and also the water meters assuming there is city water? Who would replace if damaged some how or if outdated and not up to code? Also, assuming there is city water/sewer up to what point would I as a park owner have to manage the lines?

Thanks for your responses in advanced.


Paul, the answer is each park is different. In most parks, you will own the water and sewer, and maybe the electric and gas. The simple way to figure it out is the utility company owns the services to their meters.

Let me say one thing here though- if the new codes- say electric- do not allow lines to pass over houses… if a home gets pulled or a new one is going to be put in, you might have to change something. In almost all cases that will be on YOUR dime…

So when you are looking to buy, know the codes, and look to see what you will have to do if you pull something in or have something leave…