Wate meters and electric meters with remote read

Can anyone recommend a product here and give me a ballpark on price per pad? Ideally I want to be able to roll into the park with a wand and remotely read the meters but am not interested in third-party billing or web access.

Parts and installation should run you about $200 - $250/pad.  We’ve used the Minomess 130 meters, but they are not wireless.Please also see: Installing water meters - mobile home university - Mobile Home Park Investing Forum

I just met with a consultant who is recommending for our 34 acre Med Ctr campus a wireless meter made by a company called SecoSys. I have not looked at their website but the meters are supposed to be the hot ticket for hard to meter areas. Supposedly, they have both complete meters with remote read and meter inserts with remote read that go in where the totalizer is now. This might be the ticket for you, Parkinvestor.
Jim Allen