Waste Treatment Plant in DFW, TX

Hi all,

I’m looking for a few resources on obtaining a Waste Treatment Plant in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX region. I’m closing this week on a park currently with 20 park owned mobiles in it. It also has an ~1800 SQ FT SFR on it that’s separately taxed/deeded. The whole park sits on ~11 acres of beautifully treed gently sloping land.

In order to add more mobiles I need to obtain a larger waste treatment plant. I’ve been given a quote for a 17,000 gal aerobic waste treatment plant which only includes digging the hole, placing the tank, backfilling the dirt & starting the system up… all the external lines I have to have installed myself… anway… the quote is for $160k… I’ve viewed a similar system at the builders plant and it appears to simply consist of a big metal tank with an aeration motor system… OK… I guess I’m simplifying it too much… but it doesn’t look like much more than a big tank.

I’m looking for people who have had these installed in the recent past in Texas who can possibly provide contacts for other waste treatment manufactures in the DFW area. A buddy of mine indicated he thought one should cost about $50k… he owns a small park in Cleburne, TX.

Any help is appreciated.


Edwin Bland

p.s. Someone on another forum indicated Steve Case may have some contacts in this area… :wink: … Steve are you out there? I’ve read a lot of your postings.

Hi Edwin,

Corey and I operate a 105-space park in Flower Mound that is supported by a large sewer plant. While we were not involved in the original installation of the plant, we have a number of good contacts in the area that provide consultation and maintenance services for our plant.

Based on your goal of installing a new plant, I would recommend that you start by contacting a person by the name of Mark Perkins from Perkins Engineering Consulting - 817.719.0372 or mperkins@perkinsconsultants.com. He is very knowledgeable about plant requirements and should be able to provide you with some contacts for the installation. Just mention that Blake from “Rocky Point” referred you and I am sure he would be more than helpful in pointing you in the right direction.

Also, if you send me an email message at blake@mobilehomeuniversity.com I would be glad to send you our list of vendor contacts for the maintenance of the plant.


Blake Donaldson