Warped walls/ moisture in home - Cause and proper repair

Have you ever had an older used homes that has warped walls? I have seen this before and never dug into the cause so much. Sometimes I know you can have a leak. Have you seen anything else cause this issue to get to a root cause? Aside form the repair of redoing the walls so it doesn’t happen again.

The home is not skirted, thought that might have had a bearing on variation in temp.
Home is located in humid climate ( I guess it could have had a period of not being climatized at some point , though now its occupied )

I was talking with someone else who said something about possibly the AC , where it pulls in warm Air , that can cause moisture in the home. I have to see the particular unit on the home, but it is my understanding that you will have the return inside the home ( I know there are efficient systems with fresh air intakes but wouldn’t think that’s the case. Then got to thinking I have seen some MH specific package units, but didn’t see if any of them actually pull in air from the outside then I suppose this theory can have some validity in a humid climate?
Then the last theory ,not sure how much prevalence it has, at least on new homes, paper barrier is installed but typically have not seen that on the older homes. Does anyone ever try to " add" it? ( more interested if this would have any bearing on this issue) . Then I guess also, you can check if there is / is not insulation on the subfloor which could be a factor?

Anyway, if you have any thoughts , comments , have dealt with this issue, what your successful remediating of this issue or other areas that might be worth exploring.

Thanks in advance.

There is usually other damage when the walls are warped. We took down walls on a home and had to completely replace the studs, windows, sills, and insulation because we thought it would be a good idea to repair the issue. Ours was a result of a pinhole roof leak down into the studs. This was from a repo home that sat vacant for years and we had purchased and moved.

In hindsight it was probably the right decision but it’s not one of those things that gives you any return on investment. If there isn’t any smell and visible damage it might be one of those things worth leaving alone…


Usually the cause is related to roof leaking.
Or water coming from plumbing system, but unless the wall is behind the shower/tub, water heater or other where a water line passes, it is from roof leaking.

Maybe the house was standing there in the lot empty and nobody noticed the roof leaking, with water damaging the drywall panels.

It is better to take out those warped sheetrocks and evaluate the wall frames. Usually it only needs to change the drywall. Take in count electrical fixtures in that wall could be damaged also.

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