Want to be a guest on a ranked REI podcast to talk MHP shop?

Want to talk shop on an internationally ranked Real Estate Investing podcast?

I run a podcast called The Real Estate Investing Club (www.therealestateinvestingclub.com), and am looking for potential guests to come on the show. Since I focus on MHP investing myself, I figured I would pop on into this forum to see if any of you fellow investors want to come talk shop re: MHP!

If you’re interested, grab a time on the podcast calendar here: https://calendly.com/gabriel-petersen/real-estate-investing-club-podcast

Each episode is 20 min, so it goes by pretty quickly.

Here’s the link to the podcast if you’d like to see what it’s like: https://www.therealestateinvestingclub.com

Look forward to chatting!

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Just grabbed a spot. Pretty specific episode title but can be expanded if need be. Looking forward to it.

Would love to see more audiobooks and podcasts on real estate investment