Want a partner I have 80 acres in Indio Coachella area to start a Mobil Home Park

Great area for Mobil Home Park. I own the land and am looking for someone to help me create a park. Please contact me so we can see if we can make this happen.
Thank you
John Nielsen
310 514 6220

Are you in the City limits of Indio?
Unincorporated Riverside County has Rent Control. 100% of CPI which is fine right now, but when CPI goes back to 2% it’s not good.

760.2.pdf (242.9 KB)

John, I am not sure if this is true or not, but judging by the basics of your post, it appears that you may have not done much research or planning yet. It comes across as “Hey, I’m a guy with land. Call me and let’s make a park” and as an investor, I don’t think many people would be interested in that. As an investor, I want to have the confidence that you know what you are doing and that I can rely on you rather than you on me.

It is better if you formulate a plan by doing market analyses, informing us of the government’s appetite for such a project, and potentially having proposals from architects and designers who can plan this thing and develop financial forecasts. For example, as SDguy pointed out, there is rent control in that area.
Did you know that or did you just learn that from his research?

Without having some preliminary details in place, you are just a man with an idea seeking somebody else to do the heavy lifting, which is backwards, unless of course, you were intending to sell the land to another developer. If that is the case, you also would be better positioned by saying "I have a plan to develop 300 mobile home sites in Coachella which has been government approved, and I am looking to see it for $x.

Otherwise your land is like any other land, most of which is not suitable for mobile home parks.


Thank you Michael. I appreciate very much your sharing these details.
John Nielsen

The land is right outside the Indio city limits. Thank you for the information and reply.

Parks built after 1/1/1990 are exempt from the rent control ordinance

Here are some resources;

Use this link to find your parcel. This will show what your land is zoned for. Start here as if it’s not zoned for the correct use nothing else will be relevant.

Here is the Riverside County Zoning Ordinance:

Design Criteria

Rural Development in Riverside County Assistance:

If you need a Land Use Consultant and/or an engineering firm to do a feasibility study PM me for some resources.

One thing I can tell you from experience is anyone should look long and hard at building a Park in CA.
CEQA is crazy.
Septic requirements are hard to satisfy and expensive to install.
Well water will also be hard to install.

Just to get this project from zero to step 1 will cost about $500,000.00

Here are some expenses:

  1. Land Use consultants $10-20,000
  2. Feasibility Study $10,000
  3. Initial Consultation with Riverside County $10-15K
  4. Major pre-application prep $5K
  5. Septic Engineering $20-50K
  6. Grading Plan $50-70K
  7. Civil Engineering $25-100K
  8. State Water Resource Board application $10K
  9. Small Drinking Water System application $5k-10K
  10. TopoMap $50K

As you can see this isn’t just a “Hey I have some land let’s build a park thing.”

PM me if you want to learn more.


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There is a little used loan guarantee program which is intended solely to finance the construction cost and when full, convert to a long term (40 yrs) debt for mobile home parks. Your equity in the land may be used for the loan equity.

Loans are non-recourse and right now are at very low interest rates (10 yr T-Bill plus typically 150 BP).

There are some early approval processing expenses most of which are refunded in the loan at initial construction funding. Excess land value if any is funded after a 60 day audit at stabilized occupancy.

With loan fees and expenses, in most markets funding is at 90% LTV. Funding is on land acquisition plus hard and most “soft” infrastructure construction costs. Homes are not included in this program.

Private lenders provide application support which may take 6 months or longer depending on the location.

Call me and I may be able to help . . .

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Edward Hicks www.mobile home park.com 813 300-6150.

Thank you very much Eddie
John Nielsen

Great advice for John. As a developer for over 15 years it takes alot of time, a good team, resources, city and county cooperation as you mentioned. Riverside is a tough group to work with as well as CEQA, sewer etc. I am in Palm Springs now for several months and hear from developers and builders.
On another note, I am looking to buy a park under 4million. We owned one several years ago in North Richland Hills TX just outside of Dallas. My partners wanted to divest. But the older I get I want to sell the SFR and MFR to get away from tenants, toilets, and trash.
Ohio, Michigan, some southern states works for now. Nothing in California
Please let me know if you hear of anything.
Thanks a bunch
Sue Green

Thank you very much for your advice. I am very grateful.
John Nielsen

I am in Rancho Mirage.
Thanks again.