Wahsing Machines: ShinePay Or Other Cashless Solution?

We have three properties that are combined MH and RV. Our old coin-op washer and dryer machines need replacing. We think we want to ditch the coin-op machines in favor of an electronic credit card or app-based solution. We are considering ShinePay.

Has anyone had expereince migrating from coin-op machines to electronic pay machines? What provider did you use? Did you change pricing? Has anyone chosen to stay with coin-op machines?

I’d be interested in all comments…


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Prior to becoming a mobile home park tycoon, I worked in the credit card processing industry for 20 years. ShinePay looks like a good solution, especially because no WiFi is needed or major hardware/phone line connection. You may want to consider talking to the largest local credit card processor(s) in your area to find out what other solutions may be available.

You may want to consider having a coin-op option and an electronic payment option. Many tenants will have a hard time downloading and working the app - and they may not even have a credit or debit card. Yo u definitely don’t want to become a help-desk and retrieve calls from tenants who have questions about getting the washer and dryer to function.

We did app based W/D in our small long term RV park. Sales plummeted. I don’t know why as it wasn’t terribly complicated. Had to replace them but wish we had just stayed with coin op.

I have an apartment building with a pair or washers and dryers and ShinePay has been a solid solution for me. It was straight forward to install and easy for me and tenants to use. I definitely would recommend it for the stated reasons above. You can easily ACH money to your account whenever you want. I do it on a monthly basis.

You can still accept quarters, but I found quarter usage dropped to basically nothing after I added the ShinePay option. You can see in the online dashboard how many quarters have been deposited so you don’t have to guess how the loads have been paid for.

I would put the QR code stickers that are scanned by the end user in a location that isn’t cleaned regularly. I found it did erode the code and I had to request a new sticker after a couple of years. That’s not a complaint about the tech, just something I didn’t think about with regular cleaning. I would put the sticker on a vertical surface or cover it so it wouldn’t deteriorate.

Overall I definitely recommend it. Feel free to ask anymore questions you might have for me.