WA get together in the spirit of MOM

Free event for MH investors in WA/OR/ID and all others!

La Quinta Inn in Fife/Tacoma (same place as last time)

Sunday October 8th, 9am until we get done, in the lounge

Saturday prior will be meet & greet day in the beer place. (That’s why we got rooms!)

We have a block of reserved rooms - standard 2 double beds for $89, Deluxe King for $99 - call the LaQuinta and ask for the rate for the Mobile Home Group.

I am working to get a rep from Equity Trust to speak on SDIRAs; there will be a MH park-specialized local attorney who gives an outstanding presentation; John Merchant will be tapped for his extensive knowledge on note investing and financing MHs.

Surprise guest(s)??!!?!? Never know!

Words can’t describe the valuable contacts, friends, and business deals I have reaped from hosting MOM’s here in Florida.

I have watched young investors do their first L/H and go on to buy Parks, etc. In other words become RICH! LOL…and I really can’t think of a better person to do one than you. You give a bunch back on this and at least one other forum and that is what this biz is all about to me. Jim and Ellen getting their first Park with Steve Case as a partner WOW!!! World class folks, and a world class partner…it doesn’t get much better than that. Jim and Ellen opened their home (and fridge) for my daughter Jen and me when they co-hosted MOM in their home town.

We are gonna deed an income property for Jen in March on her 18th b-day.

She has changed her major to pre-med, she has decided to be an anestesioligist(I can’t even spell it!) and that 1900 per month will be needed for her education.

I love Florida, I will wait for my true 10 Cap Florida Park with upside potential. Good Luck with your meeting Steve…wear your lucky shirt!



Outstanding! I am so happy that you are able to let the West Coast folks know what they are missing at Greg’s MOM annual event! Hopefully a few will make the journey for the next MOM event in Daytona. There are so many amazing people in the mobile home/mobile home park business that are willing to give so much back and helping others. I know first hand how much time and effort it takes to put together events so THANK YOU for helping others get on a road to financial freedom through this great asset class that we all LOVE!



This is very good to see. Folks seem to forget about us here in the N.W.

I mean afterall with Lonnie Deals going for 80K+ in my neck of the woods,one does have to look elsewhere for reasonable priced Parks. I am really looking forward to this get together. I need more connections in this part of the country who understand the concept of pulling equity from our overvalued R.E. and creating good cash flow elsewhere. I will book a room and look forward to the event…Thanks…John R Herring (541)267-3160