Virtual Mailbox

Does anyone have any experience with virtual mailboxes, where they scan and email you all your mail and even deposit received checks?

I did some research, and it seems that PostScan is at the top of most of the “best” lists. But wasn’t sure if anyone had any experience with them or any of the options out there. Please share if you do! Thanks in advance!

Following, because I’m about to pull the trigger and get one of these myself.

My research led me to and all the reviews basically said “Don’t let their crappy website fool you, they are awesome”.

At any rate, curious if anyone is using them and how they feel about them. My intention is to use it for all my LLC mailing addresses.

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I’ve been using Anytime Mailbox since the beginning of 2021 and love it.

I discovered it’s extremely rare I actually need to handle a physical piece of mail.

Love the convenience, speed, and leverage of having this all digitized…especially when traveling.

Unintended Consequences

  1. Changing your address makes it harder for the junk mail senders to find you because USPS doesn’t forward junk mail to new addresses
  2. Changing your address to a new virtual mailbox address (usually in a business location like a co-working space) eliminates a lot of the residential junk mail you receive…cuz they don’t typically send to business addresses

The plans are usually flexible and scalable to meet your unique needs regarding volume and specific services.

I was concerned about privacy issues, but I checked out the place and met the staff hosting my virtual mailbox and put me at relative ease…I consider them an extension of my team, competent, capable, trustworthy and eager to serve.

Setting up the box was easy too…was my first time doing a digital notary via webcam…love, love, love getting things done faster and easier with tech.

It definitely costs money but the time and convenience is a huge ROI for me…eliminating the junk mail was bonus!

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I personally have not done this, but have seriously looked into it. Our whole team is virtual and the missing element is how to handle the physical pieces that come to our PO Box. I’ve handled it personally, I’ve had my housekeeper do it for me, I’ve looked at a local errand service to do it, but those options have not been consistent. For example if I go on vacation for 10 days, the rest of the virtual office cannot process the mail.

What happens with things like trade magazines? I assume they are not scanning the whole magazine and sending it to you. Can they forward pieces like that if you request them?

Also, are you locked in because you changed your mailing address to their address which makes it tedious to decouple from the service?

I’ve been using for about 3 years now. It worked for my situation, but comes with some downsides. I travel a lot and have multiple parks, so mail was becoming an issue. Is it cost effective? Not exactly. Is it convenient? Absolutely!

I have done further research on this and have decided to try to Earth Class Mail. For about $100 per month I can avoid paying somebody to drive to the post office 3 times per week and scan the mail to our server. This will be a cheaper option, and we get the mail everyday instead of 3x per week. and seem to have solid offerings, but the scan count is based on per page. So if I get an electric bill with 3 pages on the front and boilerplate on the back, it counts as 6 pages. This would quickly burn through the limits. Earth Class Mail scans each item automatically and the first 20 pages are counted as 1 scan.

Also, some of those other services do not permit multi-user, so you would have to share a single login with your team, which is not appealing for security purposes.

I’ve never gone over my 150 per month limit at Traveling Mailbox. I use the traveling mailbox for my personal use and for all of our parks. Where you’ll get burned is if you receive packages at your Traveling Mailbox. It gets expensive to receive and then forward packages to yourself.

Just as a follow up, I went with and so far I’m pretty happy with my decision. As I’m just starting up, I’ve had some mail that was… large… (150+ pages) and that cost me $20+ to scan, but I think that was just a single insurance document.

Just wanted to close the loop with my decision and my enjoyment.