Vinyl Skirting Supplier

Hi Everyone,I was wondering if anyone out there had a good supplier for vinyl skirting.  I purchased a park with over 30 park owned homes and none of them have skirting.  Needless to say, we need to skirt all of these and was wondering if there was a place online where I can buy the skirting, have it shipped, and hopefully get a discount because we are buying in bulk.I have been doing some searches on Google but there are a ton of suppliers and just thought I would ask to see if someone else out there has found a good supplier they would recommend.  Thanks for your help, this board has been an excellent source of information about this business!

Frank & Dave use:http://www.westlanddistributinginc.comWe just buy from our local mobile home parts supplier.  Best,-jl-

There are two companies that are available to me in my area. These companies sell the product wholesale. They are Stylecrest products and Blevins. Stylecrest manufactures their own skirting and that is who I purchase from. I don’t where you are located but I’m in the northeast. Both of these companies have pretty big sales areas.

Thanks for the info.  It looks like Westland has a distribution center close by Sacramento so I will be contacting them today to see what kind of deals they have.