Vinyl siding

I have old 1960’s trailers in my park with metal siding. I would like to put vinyl siding on them to make them look newer. Does anyone have any advice such as method, ex glue or screw on siding. Does metal have to be pulled off and how does it look and at what cost? Any advice would be appreciated.


on metal sheathing I remove all windows and doors and replace with vinyl siding windows…they have a 1" fin that the vinyl fits in. J channel around eaves on roofline. Snap a chalk line for startyer strip and go from the bottom up. Nail with ring shank but LEAVE NAILS 1/8 OUT!!vinyl needs to expand and contract. It snaps together and lap the vinyl one way throughout the job. We just did one with 7 different colors…primed and painted and it looks perfect. We use “Dutch lap” style vinyl on all units.

I go right over the metal cladding, and wrap with Tyvek prior to siding.