Vinyl Lattice for Skirting

Can anyone give me feedback about the use of vinyl lattice for skirting? I just acquired a distressed park and the homes have wood lattice which is unsecured but in good condition on most homes. I am interested to know if the home depot vinyl with the attachment sections in between and the head section on the top looks presentable and is a good addition to homes in a C class park.

@WhatsInThatHome , as per your post:

  • “Vinyl Lattice For Skirting”

In our MHP we had a MH that was abandoned. We acquired the MH through the Abandoned MH Process.

This particular MH had “Wood Lattice” used as skirting.

The “Wood Lattice” looked fine.

The knowledgeable Frank ( @frankrolfe ) took a MHP University Class through our MHP and Frank specifically commented that he would not replace the “Wood Lattice” (he would just fix any unsecured areas) as he would use the saved money from not installing vinyl skirting to do other improvements in our MHP. This suggestion was part of Frank’s “Pimp My Park” list for us to do improvements on a Shoestring Budget.

We are in the south, so Lattice used as skirting is workable.

I have seen the Home Depot “White Vinyl Lattice” used in other MHPs and it looks very nice.

We wish you the very best!

Personally I do not like lattice shirting. Our community rules require vinyl or metal solid skirting.
For a C class community lattice is OK, in fact it is part of what makes it a C class community.
The problem with lattice is it does nothing to keep out animals, does not hide the ugly or help to make a mobile look like a home. It can not be used in winter zones.

Lattice skirting is fine for trailers.

Totally agree with Greg. The animal problem with lattice where we live; the home owner would be inviting many new guests–really uninvited guests that tear up insulation, dung droppings and odor and possible health problems.

Yes but great ventilation. :smile:

I use the vinyl lattice with the small holes all day. It’s cheap and it looks very good IMHO.

Note: I spend a few more dollars per sheet for the small hole lattice. The regular sized holes are large enough to let in vermin and doesn’t look nearly as good.