Vinyl Floor repair

We just moved a nice 1997 Southern into one of our parks and the kitchen sheet viynl is in good shape except for a couple of good size gouges (probably from moving appliances). I’m trying to patch by overlaying a scrap (grafted fron the closet floor) and cutting out, then glueing in the scrap piece in. I know this should work because I saw our floor guy do it when we were building custom homes. My problem is the glue. I bought the vinyl repair glue from Lowes - but does not seem to be working. This sheet vinyl is the “no glue” type so the edges of the repair hole are just loose and were not glued down to the floor. I’m afraid the glue I bought was maybe for the “glue down” type of vinyl. I hate to replace this whole floor - any ideas?

Bonus question: This home also has a skylight (whoever invented those ought to be shot) which is cracked and broken. Anyone have a source for ordering skylights? Mobile Mart in Oklahoma does not have them.



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