Video Camera purchase

We are in search of a video camera to drive the park, any suggestions on which one we should get?

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The polaroid cube seems to be todays choice. I use a go pro but if I were to buy one today , it would be the Polaroid Cube as it seems simpler and cheaper:

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Thanks, that should work

Here is what we buy:

Polaroid Cube Camera -

Suction Cube Mount & Case -

We find these camera’s quality is on par with GoPro and are much cheaper and easier to use.



Sorry for the necro post, but as the camera listed here is now discontinued and I’m looking to acquire one. I was hoping there might be a new recommendation on which video camera to purchase.

@brandon_reynolds have you guys found a new model to replace the listed discontinued one?

We are mostly getting the GoPro Hero now. Here is a link:

And we typically order these SD cards:

And on the mounts, we use the official one. Here is a link:

Let me know of any other questions!


Have you upgraded your cameras recently? Looking for a first purchase and a 2021 recommendation. Thanks!

You might consider the Wyze camera system. I had one at home for my chickens and gave it to my daughter and son-in-law. They use it at home for their pets. Would also work outside, and depending on the model you get, can record audio, too. Some have wifi as well.
I believe their site is: