Vicious Breed Mix - Eviction vs Non-renewal

Tenant has been issued violations for a vicious breed mix. Would like to non-renew vs go through eviction process, but given violation history, any risk for “retaliatory” claim here? I need no reason to non-renew, so they shouldn’t have a case, right?

If they stay post non-renewal, eviction probably would be easier. Not sure how the judge is going to be able to decide the breed of a dog given no paperwork has been provided (although that’s also a violation, so I presume we can go that route as well - no vaccination history, insurance, etc.).

State law should be looked at, however if non renewal of lease is an option, I always go that route, then the “reason” does not even have to ever be talked about in court. Non renewal is generally a save and sure bet

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Just be. careful of Fair Housing laws.

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