Verification of +55 Status

Can someone confirm the best resource to definitively identify a park as a +55 community? I assume it is in the County Records (or DBPR), possibly in the filed prospectus .

I have a +55 foreclosure park under contract and worry that even if it is not technically a senior park the 17 existing +55 residents may sue if the demographic is changed.

Do a search of “55 plus” on the forum. You’ll find some good info. I believe Frank at one time suggested contacting HUD or Fair Housing. You may also want to try the local licensing/zoning person. If it’s officially a 55+ park they may be able to tell you.

I’m doing the same research for a 55+ community I’m considering making an offer on. I didn’t have any luck with HUD or the Fair Housing people unfortunately. As it turns out, they likely can’t tell me because they don’t have a record of it being one. After doing some digging I learned that one of the previous owners only allowed 55+ people to live there and it isn’t actually, in the eyes of the authorities, a 55+ community. I’ve found this to be true with a few communities that are ‘55 +’.

Try asking the owner if it actually is 55+. They may tell you that it really isn’t.


Check with the state if they FILED that status with the state. IF they are saying they are +55 and are not they are probably in violation of decimation and we are looking at a situation right now that the state is looking into for that violation!!!