Value to place on used double wide in fair to good condition in park?

Looking a park with 2 doublewides on a lake that are currently rented @ $750 and $800 a month.

The location is very nice. What value would we need to put on the doublewide homes?

Ideally it would be $0 but realistically I need a value on these. It can’t be the $5000 you can get on older singlewides but I dont know what it should be.

How much can you get out of them selling them for cash in their current condition? Do some searching in your market and see if you cant find an answer on this.

It is 100% market dependant. You need to know your own personal market.
What may be 20K in one geographic area could be 80K in another.

I agree with Greg. Go to craigslist and find similar homes in similar condition for sale in your area. Try NADA as well.