Value to place on old mobile homes to account for taxes and appease the bank


I am getting a bunch of older homes from the 1960s to the 1980s.

I was planning to put a value of $10K on the 80s homes and $5K on the earlier homes for depreciation purposes. I suppose I could argue higher amounts to get faster depreciation but I plan to sell all of them off over the years.
Any thoughts on what to do here?


You won’t get audited so do whatever you want but you can only depreciate the value of the asset at it’s real value either in the marketplace or from you PSA. What can you sell them for in your park.

Once you sell the trailer you have to pay the IRS on the gain which increased now that you have depreceated it. You get clipped no matter how you do it…

So is $10K decent for 80s homes and $5K good for older ones?

A higher value gets you faster depreciation, which is generally preferred.