Vacant Park Owned Home - Utilities

We had a tenant leave one of our park owned homes where the tenants are responsible for all utilities.  Do I need to call all the utilities companies and put them in our name until a new tenant comes along or can I just leave them in his name?Thanks!

We have two Mobile Home Parks in different cities/counties.The one Utility Company will allow the Mobile Home Park Owner to apply to have the utilities automatically switched over into the Park Owner’s Name when the Tenant’s utilities are cut off.  This is great when it is a known exit by the Tenant.  However, if the Tenant selects not to pay their Utility Bill, the Park Owner will now be the new owner of a Utility Bill created by the Tenant (not a good thing).For this same Utility Company we select to just call them and manually switch over responsibility to us when a Tenant leaves. If you do not need the Utilities on, you can just leave them alone and eventually they will be turned off (probably sooner than later).Once you find your New Tenant then they can place the Utilities in their own name.We find that we need the Utilities on between Tenants so that we can fix any issues.  Thus, we manually place them in our names between Tenants.We wish you the very best!

Thank you very much!

We turn utilities on in our name:1. If it’s winter and we need to keep the home modestly heated to prevent pipes from freezing.  Also, with the sun setting early in the winter, we will want electricity to be on to show the home in the early evening when folks stop by after work.2. If the home needs repair.  Our repairmen will need electricity to run their power tools… so if the home is in good condition during the spring/summer/fall we generally do not get utilities in our name.Your mileage may vary,-Jefferson-