Utility Mapping


We are planning to create pretty non-complicated computerized maps with GPS locations for all known connections for our underground utilities so that we can use the maps individually or overlay them, use them for our water system management compliance etc. We want to be able to add data as we acquire it aka slowly and at our own pace. We want to acquire a GPS unit/system that is good for this application, and NOT hire someone in on one-time basis. Has anyone done anything like this? Any suggestions regarding type/brand of GPS unit? GPS accuracy has improved for the most part but there are an array of equipment types out there that get pretty complicated. We’re not really wanting to outfit ourselves like we’re state-of-the-art surveyors - we just want usable data so that we can accurately to within a foot or so predict where a pipe runs, quickly re-locate a connection previously mapped using the same equipment. There are GIS systems that look way too over-the-top for what we’re wanting to do (I mean, we’re a MHP, not a county). So far we’re thinking we need a “carrier phase” GPS receiver, and then what…any ideas? We’re looking to strike a balance in the equipment we purchase so that it just meets our needs and doesn’t go into the overboard range.