USPS Mail options metal keyed boxes

I’m looking at tearing out the old gray keyed mail boxes and replacing them with a custom built row of boxes without keys - to increase curbside appeal. Any legal issues by doing that? I’m not interested in managing the keys for tenants.

Talk to your local Post Master.  There are regulations as to what kinds of boxes the PO will deliver into.  You’d definitely want boxes with some sort of locking mechanism, and the Mail Carrier would need access.Best,-jl-

Jefferson, if a locking mechanism is present, will the USPS manage the keys or is that the responsibility of the property owner?

USPS will have a master key so they can fill the mail boxes. You will be responsible for the individual keys to each mailbox.

Definitely check with your local postmaster. There are very explicit requirements for centralized mail delivery, and they will withhold delivery if they don’t like the new look. They also cost far more than you’d think, but they do stand up to a lot of abuse. and (I hope that it’s okay to put in links)Will

Our first Mobile Home Park had some rows of rickety old mailboxes on wooden stands.We replaced the old mailboxes with beefy, new wooden stands with new mailboxes (which look way nicer).Our second Mobile Home Park has the Old Gray Keyed Mailbox Stand.  The old owner told us that we could just replace the individual locks if a key was lost.As per the United States Post Office the old owner is wrong, wrong, wrong.Apparently, it is illegal for anyone but the USPO to replace the keyed locks.Our USPO said that a Tenant would have to go to the Post Office and pay $25 to get a new lock and key.We wish you the very best!

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