Using rent manager for accounting purposes

We’ve been using Rent Manager for a few years now and quickbooks for all our accounting. We’ve now gotten up to 11 parks
and are looking for ways to streamline things, especially our bill pay and bookkeeping. Does anyone use rent manager as a one stop shop for all their bookkeeping as well as usual rent management. Seems like it would make it much easier to have it all under one program. Also, my assistant isnt a licensed book keeper but very knowledgeable and I’m wondering if rent manager would be easier for her to train on then quickbooks.

We use rent manager for our accounting and I think it’s pretty intuitive. I still do the bookkeeping and we’re up to almost 1,000 lots now. I’m by no means a professional bookkeeper and I really don’t think your bookkeeper will have any challenges using rent manager.

ok, excellent. thanks for the reply Charles. Good to know a non-bookkeeper can take care of it all. I think were going to make the move and have everything on Rent manager. Seems much easier than going back and forth between quickbooks and Rent Manager.

We have been on RM for about 4 years now and manage approx 600 lots over multiple parks. Best scenario is already be on RM when you buy the park then you can do all functions including financials on RM from the very start. On the parks where we started with QB before converting to RM, I still do the financials on the QB side and that is mostly just to get the taxes done at year end and do bank reports if you have a loan. We just dump gross rent from RM to QB whenever we need a current P &L.

Hi Steven!

*Full disclosure - I am a Rent Manager Employee

I would definitely check out our Customer Support - Rent Manager Property Management Software including the training videos archive, Knowledgebase, and we recently released a free Year-End Close eBook (Year-End Close eBook). These resources will walk you through a lot of the accounting you are currently doing in Quickbooks and translate it into Rent Manager.

In January, we are also focusing on Accounting and the Year-End Close process. I would encourage your assistant to join our free weekly webinars (Thursdays at 2 PM ET) where she can ask questions related to each topic.

BJY, along with the Year-End Close resources, I believe we have a few loan process resources that might help you. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, our Support Team is great about walking customers through the process on their system. I would definitely give them a call or email them.