Using multiple LLCs to get out of dealer license requirement in NC

I have a park under contract in NC with 15 POH. I want to sell these to the tenants during the first 12-18months but don’t want to get the dealers license after seeing what is required. Was thinking of buying the homes through 5 LLCs (I already have 2 of them) so I can sell 3 through each one and keep to the state maximum. Is this a valid strategy? pitfalls?


I would check with an attorney first but I do know that selling homes requires a dealer’s license for an individual as well as the entity/dealer. This means if you are the owner and seller of all 15 homes then your strategy would not work.

Thanks @SRP I will ask but figured it couldn’t be that easy.

Did you try to connect with NCMHA? They are very knowledgeable. I am based in NC and I am a member and can ask for you. Please reach out anytime

Curious: what part of the NC requirement is that onerous? If a deal goes south and a judge sees your LLCs as an effort to get around the law, it won’t be pretty.

You might pull it off, but is it worth the risk?

thanks! @MariaLaty . I will send you an email

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If you are selling the homes to a licensed retailer, the licensing requirement of the seller is generally waived. Also, I’ve seen this technique backfire. You don’t want to get in a position that once all the homes are titled in all the separate LLC’s, that now each of those must be licensed and bonded to sell the homes. For 15 home sales, you may be better off spending a few hundred dollars to get licensed and bonded and do it right. You’ll spend more time and money on that than you would forming a bunch of LLC’s.


The forms the DMV sent me require I have an established salesroom and office. I don’t have an onsite office or salesroom and am out of state

thanks @KurtKelley. I am just trying to figure out the salesroom/office part of the requirements

Ahhh, now I understand! So your real question is

‘How do other out of state owners operating in North Carolina handle the state’s dealer licensing requirements in order to sell used homes?’

You can’t be the first person needing to solve that riddle.