Using Asphalt Millings for Filling Pot Holes

Have been using asphalt millings to fill pot holes at our park. The millings are available at reasonable prices and are placed with minimum labor. The problem occurs after a large rain when the millings “splash” out when cars pass over. Does anyone have any suggestions/experience with using some type of additive or covering material to make the asphalt millings more stable and longer lasting?

Try ‘cold patch’ instead. Google-around for a supplier near you.


Lowes sells QPR which I have used with great success. You tamp it down but after that it’s solid and not going anywhere.

We have used cold patch in the past yet it is such a back breaking and labor intensive effort. So the use of the asphalt millings. Looking for something to add to or coat over the asphalt millings (once placed) that will prevent the millings from splashing out with the addition of water via a large rain. For example: Does anyone have experience with using something like lime or maybe some from of oil based liquid in conjunction with asphalt millings?

i take the asphalt millings and mix with a pavement sealer Model # 73066 at Home Depot. I have a front end loader and put about half millings and then pour in couple of buckets of the sealer and hand mix it until its mixed well. I then go around and fill holes in the park road and it sets up really well. Go buy a bucket and mix in a wheel barrow for a test run and see how you like it.

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