Using a Drone for MHP

Has anyone used a drone for taking pics and videos of a MHP? Im thinking of buying a good quality drone, for taking pics and videos of parks during due diligence, and to get an overview of other parks i own.
I know with the new drones, they can take some really great videos.

I wouldn’t spend the money on a drone just for this purpose. I’m shopping for one right now and intend to use it for this purpose as well. However, there is no way that thing will give me the ROI required to justify spending $1,400+. I’m getting it more because I think it’s cool and I’m a nerd.

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I agree, hard to justify by the bottom line for a park owner, but pretty damn cool. GoPro has a new one coming out that looks pretty interesting. I am amazed by how stunning the quality that Casey Niestat gets out of his and how high and far the thing fly’s.

It is probably more economical to post an ad on craigslist to get someone to make a drone video for you. I have heard of people doing it for around $150, but of course that depends on the market where you want the video shot.

That makes sense, but i dont really care about the economics of it too much. I will be buying enough parks i will get plenty of use out of it. And it will be fun!

Here is a video that came out today of Casey Niestat with the just released DJI Mavic Pro (with 4k) that will replace the DJI Phantom 4 as the cool drone to have.

Looks pretty good. I have not done any research yet. Are you thinking of getting this one? How much is it?
I see people fly over water alot with them. If something went wrong and they went into the water are they ruined?

I built a video studio in one of the rooms in my house and have a number of projects I am working on, but as hard as I try, I can’t think of a real reason to buy a drone. But I do love the gear.

This will answer your question about drones and water.

If you are into making videos watch his editing it is so cool, and he does it every day. Amazing. Look at this one, from a week or so ago, for example. I think it is something of a minor masterpiece the way with his artful editing he can make things so, well, cool.

You buy a drone because they are fun! Hey Randy… you made me re-think my drone purchase! I’ve been on this for almost 6 months and now you ruined my decision. Thanks a lot brotha!