Upgrading Electrical Panels

Hello All,

I did a quick search but there wasn’t anything recent on this topic.

Can anybody share some insight into the costs associated with upgrading 100 amp. panels to 200 amp panels?

The park I’m looking at only has 100 amp panels and the homes I need to put in the park are all electrical, so they’ll need an upgrade.

I’m having a series of meetings set up at the park in the next few weeks with assorted vendors and will definitely have some electrical contractors give me quotes. But I felt it’s important to get a general feeling for the costs so that they don’t try to take advantage of me!

Thanks in advance.

Rick, The cost of the panels is easy to determine, call the a local electrical supply house. You will need to use 4/0 wire from meter to MH- measure your runs. again elec supply house. I have found the best and overall most reasonable cost electricians for this type of job is the linemen who work for the power company that serves your MHP - hire one to do this as a weekend job. They know their stuff and the chance of the job not passing code because of a nit-picky detail is eliminated.

you do a thing. I believe he had a similiar situation in Texas and it is HUGE in cost.

Not only do you need upgraded pedestals or boxes, but the feed wires need to be upgraded.

Here in FL you need 2/0 copper from pedestal to home with a 3/0 ground. I believe you need the same feed wires…and if this is undergound (I hope) it will be very high. We have undergound utilities in our small Park and we really like this fact.

Shawn good idea on linemen…they are licensed and savvy and probably cheaper than the 85 per hour i pay our electrician.


I have had to do a number of these upgrades as I moved in more modern homes. In my area I budget $1,200 to $2k for a pole, exterior panel, ground round, 4/0 wire to the interior panel, interior panel hookup etc.

My electrician isn’t the cheapest by any stretch but he is one of the most respected in my county. I have never had his work fail. He also rings out the panel for any trouble and will check outlets etc. for any issues.


Great input as always. I appreciate it.

I’m curious since I am not experienced in electrical work. It appears that even through the current panel is a 100 amp panel that I may need to worry if the line coming to the current panel can even carry 200 amps. Is that correct?

If so, then that can be a real big issue right? I’d have to run all new wires through the park.

I’m sure I’ll get more concrete data once I have the assorted electrical contractors visit the park, but it seems like there’s some great experience here that can at least let me know what to expect.

Love the idea on the linemen Shawn. Thanks for that. There were a few guys working at the park when I visited this week. Wish I had known that then because I could have gotten their info!