Update on homes for sale in

gainesville, FL. Met up with Ricky Lee today and went thru some of the rental units WOW they are 8-9 on 10scale. All split unit A/c and GREAT apps.

Broke my heart tosee a 240 unit well-run Park being demoed…it is a jewel…part of old Florida.

there are 100units to be had for 600K…broken down, axled, hitched, ready to travel for 1,200 more per home. there will be 3 qxles available to resale at your end…they fetch 100 per axle used here.

These are all nice shingle 2/2 and vinyl 14 X66’s (approx 60) and 40 2/1 14X56 shingle and metal cladding.

contact me or ricky forpics…nice nice homes for under 7500. we can deliver for 4 per mile or, got a toter? Pull your own…we have drivers available and can deliver ourselves in FL.

Any interest out there??




We would love to take several off your hands for Fred’s park, but we can’t sell a 2 BR to save our lives. We’ve got two gems in the park that look like new and can’t move them. Everyone in Albany wants a 3 or 4 BR.

I’m sure there has to be some park owners in the Southeast that can use them for small lots…especially those parks that require wind zone 2.


Here is a link to the photos of the units, shown will be 2- 2/2’s & 2- 2/1’s

If you need details Call Greg or myself. There is also an post on CRE with details.

Rick Lee

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I have noticed an interesting trend with these units, as they are all 2 br

and set up near a university, they were mostly occupied by singles & couples either in school, or working in the area.

This demographic seem to take better care of the units, possibly due to the above, & partially due to the fact that the PM has a fee scedule on the back of the lease for what they charge for at move out. Example $10.00 to clean oven, $25.00 for fridge etc… but we were told that some people just pay whatever, figuring that it is cheaper than cleaning. Bottom line is that these were very tidy.

This got Greg, TJ & I talking. And me thinking since then, that if you have a park near a college or univ. or possibly near a military base, or even a resort area, that occupied (work or school) adults without children take better care of rentals.

Has anyone else noticed this or any similar trends?


What are the year models of the homes? Any discounts for say a group of 10 or more?


Ron and Gene

Ron & Gene,

The units are 1995 & 1996, if i remember right.

How many do you want?

This price IS the volume price based on moving ALL of the homes, as is the breakdown pricing by Greg & TJ.

That being said, if we can get enough people who need a few units together, then we can swing this deal at this price.

There is little chance of a price reduction if we sell them all at once, as we have already negotiated the price down, based on moving them all, but I intend to try when we get to that point.

If we only sell a few at a time, the PM wants more $$ per unit, and the breakdown costs will also be more.

If you have not gone to the link & looked at the pictures, please do, as these are very nice windzone 2 units.

Here is the link again, I just tried it, & it works, however I just realized that they are backwards so start on page 5 at the bottom, and go backwards & it makes sense.

I have other inquirys on small qantities, again if we get enough folks wanting a few, then we can swing this deal.


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cost of axles and hitches and welder is over 500… and we buy 250 per year.

Toting is 4-5 per mile and includes escort

breakdown is 600 per unit

600 worth of strapping, augers,LSS systems, and pads and block per unit to reset

800 labor to reset

These are Florida numbers in wind Zone2 areas…twice that in WZ3.

These numbers are what it is with a 21% gross profit PBIT.

Anyone that can crack, drag and reset for under 3K in Florida is losing money and this is within 50 mile radius!

take this to the Bank…



As you know, I have pulled repo homes all over Florida, ridiculously cheap.

Before CDL,



log book times under 10 hrs,

$3.00 + a gallon fuel,

back when you could use a blanket permit for 12x , &

100k general liability was plenty,

with an 11 year old $500.00 toter,

16 year old $3000.00 dozer &

my help cost me about $5.00 an hour,

my toter took a cheap tag, & grossed 44k#, &

fuel was around $.84 per gallon,

I think a 14x permit was $25.00.

If a lawman stopped while you were stuck on the road, he would try to help.

Copenhagen was under $.75 a can.

And everybody spoke English, Really!

Ah the good old days,

But I’ve never, unskirted, axled, tired,unblocked, untied, loaded blocks, dragged, spotted, unloaded blocks, blocked , untired, unaxled, leveled, anchored, & skirted a box for $200.00. Nor have I paid that cheap.

Musta’ been an RV park