Upcoming Changes To MHU

Hey Everyone!Frank & Dave wanted me to share some info on upcoming changes to the MHU Site. Due to some new google regulations that are coming into effect this week, we will be implementing a redesign of the website to be mobile friendly and bring the design into this generation of web technologies. We have already completed the design on our parent site, www.creuniversity.com. You can take a look there to see what MHU will look like in the next week or so. We are striving to make this site as friendly as possible and hope you will enjoy the new mobile friendliness of this site. We have also acquired the name MHU.com and you can now access our site directly by typing that into your browser. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions.

Just so everyone knows, we will begin implementation on the redesign on Monday, April 27th. We will also be making the move to a new google friendly forum software which will be our permanent forum software. You can preview it on this page:http://try.discourse.orgWe are making the move to this as they company will help run it and keep things up to date and moving as my time is limited to keep the forum up to date. They will be importing everything from this forum and we will be making a backup, however, we recommend backing up all private messages in case anything were to go bad. This new forum software has minimum browser requirements so make sure you update your browser to the latest version. The supported browsers are:Internet Explorer 10+Google Chrome 24+Firefox 14+Safari 5.1+All modern computers support these versions so there should be no issues as long as you make sure your browser is up to date. Please reply to this topic with any questions or suggestions. You can also email me directly at brandon@creuniversity.com for any assistance. I hope everyone enjoys these updates as we are trying to bring the site into a new generation of web technologies, speed and design.

Our final forum conversion will be happening very soon. Like I mentioned before, private message may be lost. Please back up any private messages you wish to save in case of a loss. This will be the final piece of out site conversion. We hope you enjoy our new 100% mobile friendly look!

The forum conversion will be taking place tonight. Be aware that private messages may be lost and anything posted or sent after this post will be lost. The new forum should be live tomorrow morning. Your passwords and login info will remain the same.

Welcome everyone to the all new MHU forum! Please feel free to post new topics and continue older discussions! We are very excited about this change and hope everyone enjoys it! Please let us know of any questions.

I’m new to the MHU forum and had started reading the entire forum backwards from the beginning to get some insights into investing in the space. The new format makes that virtually impossible and makes the valuable information that is one here pretty inaccessible.


The changes to the forum are very helpful. Things that I like:

  1. Showing the unread discussions
  2. How two windows open up to see what you are typing and what will actually appear on the post
  3. Nice colorful display
  4. Photos of people. I think Frank is ahead in this

Overall much better ideas exchange forum than before and pleasing to the eye.

Great job!!!

BTW, One idea that was already posted was the ability to say thumbs up on any posts. That will help for all important posts and posts that people like.


Thanks for the comment. You can now bookmark discussion below the last posts and you can also “watch the post” to be notified of updates. You can also “like” individual comments on a post by clicking the heart icon by the reply.

I don’t see a plugin for this new forum to “like” whole posts. Hopefully the above options will help with that suggestion.


That was one thing I considered when looking at this software and agree that there is a downfall with no pagination. However, the upsides on this forum compared to others was much better. To read the forum backs from the beginning, you can change the url numbers 1 by 1. This post’s url is Upcoming Changes To MHU and to read post number one from the forum you can change the numbers to:

The first actual post was given an id of 12 so the numbers can be raised from there. We also have a much better search function so you can get search for previous topics or comments on pretty much any subject. Hopefully this will help to fill that gap!

Is there a way to “mark all read?” It appears that there is no way to distinguish between what’s been updated since my last visit, but perhaps I am missing something. Some links turned from black to grey when I read them, but that was the second time I looked, not the first.


p.s. what’s my “@name” (per instructions on how to receive updates on certain threads)?

Thanks for the help Brandon!

@Brandon is your “@name”. Visit the unread tab from the home page of the forum and at the bottom, click the dismiss topics or dismiss posts button.

Thanks Brandon for the new Forum updates. I think everyone will like the new Forum design better, once they get familiar with it.

Indeed, thanks @brandon_reynolds