Untimely Death of a Friend

To all who may have known Dave Morgan, a MHP Broker from Benton, Kentucky. I just heard this morning that he passed away on February 2nd from a blood clot that hit the brain. He was only 56 and supposedly very fit and healthy. I had done business with him and found him to be a genuine, caring, honest and knowledgeable person. Of course his wife is devastated and needs as much support right now as we can give her.

His assistant called me this morning after finding my email to him from the other day which of course he didn’t get. He had e.mailed me the morning he died and as usual asked about my friend who he had been praying for (she had cancer), this was so typical of Dave always thinking about others.

I never met him in person but what an impression he left with me. Please if you knew him at all send a letter or card with any nice memories you might have of him to his wife Debby Morgan at 92 Husting Spur, Benton, KY 42025. His assistant Michelle said that she would really appreciate it.

Also, please make sure you take stock of your life and enjoy the moment and your friends and family as this is another reminder as to how precious life is.

Regards to all



I am so sorry to hear about Dave. We had done a bit of email about his listings. I live 50 miles from Benton and was really looking forward to meeting him.


I too just heard about this from another friend yesterday, I did not have any details.

While I also did not have the pleasure of meeting him in person, I did have the pleasure of speaking to him by phone serveral times, and corresponded via email several times.

We will miss him,

I agree, please take stock in your life of what is most important. I also is important to take spiritual stock, and are ready, if you meet your Maker.