TX Mobile Home Title Issue for being too small ; advice?

We have a late 60s mobile home that has been abandoned. TDHCA says that the home is too small and not classifiable as a mobile home due to being too small. They said it looks like a mobile home with the hitch but will not issue a title for it as they say it does not meet the minimum size. Its a 1 bed 1 bath and needs some fix up. We figured we could spend a couple grand to clean up whats there instead of trying to remove and get something else in. Now the issue is posed what do we with it? Cant get a title. Don’t want to scrap it as I think it makes the most sense to try and make use of whats there as we won’t have to spend a lot.

I was thinking we could still sell it on a bill of sale but its not really a mobile home. Also how to legally take possession since we can’t go the mobile home route. Any suggestions?


Interesting question!

If it’s not title-able, and it’s been abandoned, who’s going to complain if you just take it? It seems to be the same situation as if someone left their washing machine on your lawn.

My advice would be to just treat it as though it’s yours (because it is, now) and move on from there. I think if TDHCA doesn’t care, no-one else will either.


So in Texas the home must be a certain sq footage to be a mobile home or manufactured home. Anything smaller would be titled through he DMV, like a ‘park model’ is. So try the DMV for a title and not a SOL (statement of ownership and location) through he housing authority.