Two tips I learned this year - water leak refunds and alternative resources for contractors

So I feel like over the past few years I’ve posted a bunch on this forum and gotten some really helpful feedback. In a small attempt to contribute back I thought I’d share two of the most useful tips I picked up this year from operating my park.

Water leaks:
We had a very large water leak that took a long time and multiple leak detection companies to locate and fix. The final cost of the water loss was over $10,000 in the end. We gave the city copies of our water bills (showing the spike when the leak sprung) as well as documentation of us finally fixing it, and asked for a refund on the sewer portion of our bill…and they agreed! We ended up getting a check for several thousand dollars from the water utility.

Tree service/contractors:
I’ve always hated tree service because it’s so darn expensive. This year though I did a posting on and - sites where contractors can sign up and bid on your job. We ended up connecting with a fully insured small business that did all of our tree work for 1/3 the cost of the bids we were getting from companies off Angie’s List. I’ve had mixed results finding other types of contractors on these sites, but for tree work we saved thousands of dollars.

No idea if the above two hints are helpful in other markets, but just thought I would share.


This is great, thanks for sharing!

Good call @Noel_S

Ill also add on your list as i use them pretty regularly for vendors. I have heard good things about thumb tack as well

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