I recently applied for a patent on a production method and designs for building two-story mobile homes and am looking for any feedback on the idea (good or bad). Advantages to the two-story homes as I see them:

  1. They do not look like a typical single or double wide MH. They look like real 1150+/- s.f. homes w/ many different designs, none of which are the normal long rectangled single wide look or the usual box appearance of a double wide. They are architectually pleasing

  2. Although they are 1150 s.f., because they are two story, they have a footprint of only 768 s.f. and will fit into a 35’X55’ space and still have 10’ separation and off-street parking.

  3. The production system is small enough that production takes place ON-SITE within the MH property. This:

         a.  Eliminates transportation
         b.  Provides for two-story design - large homes on small lots
         c.  Allows for normal pitched roof
         d.  Eliminates: manufacturer overhead, 
                                retailer overhead and profit
         e.  Allows the property to regulate the production rate to sales and/or rentals
  4. Just like a stick built home, it cost less per square foot to build a two-story home.

I have not determined who the operators of the production system will be, that’s still open for debate. If you have any thoughts on any of the items above, I would appreciate your input. Thanks

WOW Tom, The concept sounds great, would love to see a concept drawing, good luck.

Make my park in Albany, GA the test site or test market, we are on a roll here, 23 sales in the last 5 1/2 months.

                                  Trailer Tycoon, 


This sounds great! We’d love to see these in the new park we are building near Houston. We have 27 spaces. Hurry-hurry-hurry!!! I want to try some.