trying to sell MH

Hi guys

Im having a hard time selling a MH 10X 30 from the 70s i did a total renovation for the place, new every thing and ofered fainecing as well, asking price now is 5 k but the place whould not sell, this kind of size is not that desireble. by the way it is 55+ park in SE florida. if any one can give me advice, i will be thankfull, this baby is eating $378 a month and will be sold for minimum profit. i did put some adds and followd most of the advice in Lonnies book.



10x30??? thats a tiny coach!

well, thats what you get for buying an inappropriate investment in a 55+ . . . but thats no help . . . and i only say it because thats the kind of thing I would do (sheesh)

try marketing 0% interest, or 0 down - I know, I know, but the 0% is not really a big hit - you dont make your profit on the interest, and max profit is probably not your main objective at this point anyway -

what is your basis? try to sell for cash at that level, just to get out. Offer incentives to the PM for finding a buyer, flyers to the other residents (with PM permission) to help find a buyer (again, incentives) . . .

market it like crazy: get some of those flag cords from Home Depot and run them from both top front corners down to a center spot on the ground, ending at a for sale sign, signs at the street, sign in the window/yard, advertize in all papers, flyers at the bingo hall, ask the PM for ideas of where to better market for seniors . . .

hope you havent done all of that already

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Try, just sold my home through it!


Thank you

thank you guys exelent advice

will sell soon


The flags are an interesting idea, but from my experience most 55+ parks won’t allow things like that. We actually had to put a SMALLER for sale sign in a window than what we normally use because the park only allowed a small window sign.

The biggest salvation here could be that the season is just starting. I am seeing much more interest in 55+ parks than a few months ago because of that, but it is still much slower than the family park business. An available home in a family park makes my phone ring continuously. It is amazing how many people find older ads as well. Someone just called me yesterday on an August ad! (I know this because I change my ads to keep them fresh.)

Ellen Brenn