Trump to repeal Dodd-Frank act. Impact on MHP owners

There is talk that President Trump may repeal the Dodd-Frank act, please see link…

What would the impact be on MHP owners? Wouldn’t it be easier to fill our vacant lots if Dodd-Frank is repealed?

Would rent-credits, and lease-with-option-to-purchase arrangements become obsolete?

There are so many moving pieces to all of this right now. I’m not sure anyone is completely clear on what specifically a Trump Administration will tackle, given that they have already begun backing off some of the statements from the election (building the wall, full repeal of Obamacare, etc.)

Beyond any potential action on Dodd-Frank, we also need to keep an eye out on anything related to Social Security and Medicare, two huge programs that affect – i suspect – a huge number of our tenants/customers.

The logical likely hood is that all of Trumps campaign points will either be dropped or modified such that there will probable be little actual change. Excuses will me made to justify backing off. Trump will transition into “Presidential” mode. Reality of government is that little actual change materialises under new admin.