True beginner

Hi folks

Just starting out in the MHP world. You’re site is great!!!

I’m selling my business and looking to invest in a park in Texas.

What’s got me shaking in my boots is most parks are WAY over priced.

I am going to look at a park this weekend that seems reasonable but it is almost


It is fairly new with better than city grade roads, city water and sewer.

It is a fairly small park but it only 1/2 developed.

One of the few things I’ve learned while researching this new venture is banks

don’t want to lend on properties with a lot of POH

Does that mean they want more than 20-30% down?

I could prob swing 35-40 and immediately get 7 more rentals on their empty lots

giving me approx 26K per month?

One more question, what is a reasonable offer under asking price? 25-30%?

Sorry I sound so green, it’s only because I am. LOL

Have you read any of our books? Your questions are not crazy, but don’t invest your money until you have a really good handle on the business. The park you are describing sounds like a potentially bad buy. Don’t buy anything at this point, until you know what you’re doing.


Attend Frank & Dave’s next bootcamp - it’s in Baltimore later this month, and is advertised here on this website.

The basic rule of life is ‘ready, aim, fire’ not ‘ready, fire, aim.’

To your continued success,


Thanks and yes, I’m purchasing the #2 bundle now.

Are there in courses coming up in the Houston area?

Yes, San Antonio at the end of the year.

Hi Frank,

I 've purchased your 10/20 book, coming to the U.S from June 7 to June 19. Might there be any boot camps or bus trips in this period


Unfortunately, the only one scheduled in the Boot Camp in Denver on 19 - 21. However, Brandon might have a Bus Tour during that period – he hasn’t given me the schedule on that yet.

Thank you Frank