Trouble Makers thoughts?

We don’t want to get involved in the park drama but how much work do you guys put into new parks that have paying tenants but cause trouble?

The park we bought let anyone and everyone come in. So we have a little bit of everything.

Do you boot the people making every one else around them miserable?

Do you boot the guy who is a convicted felon that just had 7 police cars at his trailer arresting a friend that is on the county’s most wanted list?


Boot the undesirables, otherwise that’s all you will be left with. The good tenants won’t stick around. You should be able to fill those spaces if you bought in the right location

One troublemaker can destroy the atmosphere in a park. IMHO,
Get rid of anyone who doesn’t go by the park rules and not creating park disturbances should be one of those rules.

I’ve had the same thing happen in multi family units, once you have a trouble maker you need to get rid of them or one of two things usually happens 1.) your good tenants leave or 2.) your good tenants become bad because they think they can now get away with stuff.

Not all residents are created equal. The troublemakers will ruin the attitude of the park and can turn it toxic. Mostly because regular folks that are trying to just get to Friday get super passive aggressive and angry and don’t say things to the office because they think we’re omnipotent . There should be a rule in your rules and regs that states “peaceful enjoyment” or something to that effect- there may even be one about harassment and neighbors rights and stuff like that. Definitely your state laws and noise complaints and police department have some stuff for public nuisance behavior. Your responsibility lies not only in keeping the park aesthetically pleasing and not a walking health code violation but it also requires in your responsibility to keep the neighborhood at a level that the residents feel safe. Part of the reason they pay pad rent is because they want to live in the planned community, your master planned community. The unspoken part is they want to come home and not have to worry about their crazy belligerent neighbor being out of control at 3am on a Tuesday, it’s scary and unfair to the other residents.
Your team is not police or security by any means but you open your self up to lawsuits when you know there is serious criminal or even ridiculous levels of trailer trash behavior happening inside your neighborhood and you do nothing to remove the problem. Use your lawyer to help with strategy if you need to, do nuisance behavior rule enforcement, use the police records you can get from public record on that group of people (with your attorney), enforce the rules fairly and strictly without bias and clean house appropriately. You’d be surprised which of your previously snarky neighbors turn around and get normal again when the problem residents are gone. You ever see Roadhouse? Whatever you do, be nice.
Before you start cleaning house you must must must open the can of worms with your lawyer to protect yourself from retaliation, the felons know the laws the best even though they break them. ;0)

I added a nuisance clause to my lease, any tenant who is a nuisance or causes problems gets a 30 day notice. No time or patience to deal with problem tenants.

You will not even know or see your best tenants because you receive their payments on time and never hear from them. The opposite are the troublemakers who constantly cause havoc, damage property, spread rumors, get drunk, start fights, steal property, and cause vandalism. They will take a large amount of your management effort that could be spent elsewhere. If they are that disruptive to your community, you should put them on a short list, track them, and eliminate them when it is in your best interest. We once had a guy who used to walk the park all night, break into vacant homes, steal furnace parts to recycle and any other property no mater how valueless, and cause general negativity. When we eventually evicted him for paying his rent one day late, we were sure everybody knew about it. We then got praise from tenants and comments about how the park is so much more pleasant than it was in the past 5 years.