Tried to send

the presentations from speakers from MOM to all attendees but… the file was toooooo large, so i tried to break it into smaller pieces. In Outlook Express there is a pesky little tab under Tools/Accounts/Advanced named Sending with a box to break messages apart with smaller size files.

My thoughts (and this should be underlined)were Outlook would break the mail list into smaller sections and send the ENTIRE file to a few folks at a time. Well, it doesn’t work that way …it broke the file into 56 pieces and sent eveyone on the list 56 files in no particular order…there is no virus attached, was scanned by AVG prior to send, but delete this mess and I will go to plan B.

                                                    PLAN B

Help!!! how do i send this file to all attending? It is a large file. Also, we are very close to having audio tapes available for MOMVI… stay tuned!

Sorry all,

Greg Meade


To make large files smaller:

Find the file[s] on your computer’s hard drive [My Documents, Desktop, wherever you have them stored] and right-click on the file.

A menu will pop up next to the file, go to the option that says “Send To >.”

Choose the option that has an icon of a file with a zipper on it. This is a compressed, or zipped file.

This will make a copy of the file[s] and compress the copy so it is smaller.

The compressed file can be sent as an attachment in an email, just like any other file.

Jessica Lee

(Rick & Lydia’s daughter)

Corey came out with a good idea…i will post files on a special page on MHU and any that want 'em can load 'em! Thank you Jessica! Had 31 people call or e-mail me today…30 very nice, one not so nice. i am so sorry for clogging up everyone’s e-mails… it took me 3 minutes to delete over 4000 mail returned e mails (56 X 78 people) so i suffered also. my daughter showed me a neat trick…click on the first bad email, click and hold shift and scroll down to the end of unwanted e-mails click and click delete. the whole slug disappeared…in about 3 minutes.

Thnks y’all hope to see old and new friends in San Diego in 2 weeks!!!



I thought you were spamming me. haha.